13 year old 16 years old dating

14-Nov-2015 08:06

The dating app Tinder has been slammed for allowing underage kids to use its services.

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In a hard-hitting report which aired last night, Channel 4 News claimed there was a "troubling lack of oversight" in the way kids use Tinder.I’m in the middle of a week where we’re talking about how to encourage your kids to do the right thing and make good decisions.It all started when I saw some commenters on some old posts saying things like, “The quickest way to make your child do something is to tell them not to,” and then explain why they don’t expect their teens to do the right thing.That made me sad, as it sounds so horribly defeatist.Claire Lilley, head of child safety online at the NSPCC, told the news show she was "extremely worried" about kids using hook up apps."The particular problem with dating sites like Tinder is that the environment tends to by highly sexualised, with a lot of innuendo, sexually suggestive chat and semi-nude pictures.

Tinder allows people to sign up using their Facebook account.

However, critics worry it is possible to start up a social media profile and give a fake age.

Channel 4 quoted a concerned dad called Dave, who was concerned his 16-year-old daughter had been targeted by older men.

"She had been asked to send photographs, naked photos," said Dave, who used a pseudonym to protect his child's identity.

"To have questions like that put to someone who is just 16 is clearly inappropriate "The person communicating could quite literally be anyone.

"As far as I'm concerned, Tinder should be on the top shelf out of reach." A Tinder spokesman said: "Users that violate our terms of use are deleted from Tinder.