A christian mormon dating

10-Nov-2015 01:53

It's another exclusion feature unique to Mormonism that only adjudged faithful can attend the ceremony.

I told everyone in my family after I was ex'd that I would NEVER, EVER EVER EVER go sit outside a temple as the unworthy family member, and I have not.I can only imagine what it must be like for a FATHER to not see his daughter married. Subject: Review the various links to the Temple Endowment..Date: Dec 28 Author: Bob Hudson And let her know that you will support her fully in her decision, but that Jesus, at his first miracle, turned water into wine, and all partook, and none was excluded.He never excluded anyone in his meals, his sermons, his worship, his teaching at the Temple, his street preaching, and was often vilified and ridiculed for eating with "sinners", yet the Mormon Church will not allow any of hyour daughter's family to attend the ceremony.The fact that you are her mother or father is irrelevant for this special event. Date: Dec 28 2004 Author: sam My daughter is choosing to get married in the Mormon temple. As long as she qualifies for a temple recommend, she can get married there. Date: Dec 28 Author: wings This must be the most heartbreaking experience for you.She is 19 years old, is there anything I can do within their (the Mormon) rules that would put a stop to this tragedy? The best thing you can do is get her to read some accounts of Mormon marriages that have been posted here. I would think since she is over 18 and legal, there is nothing you can do to stop this.

She will want you to go sit outside for the photo op after.

This makes it all look like you were in the temple and she actually WORE her pretty bridal dress, walked down an aisle, vs. I would think she is clueless about what she is about to experience. You do not feel like you have been through a marriage ceremony.

Family members are excluded from Mormon temple weddings if they are not Mormons or if they are "unworthy" Mormons.

In other words, if your daughter (or son) is a convert to Mormonism, you will be denied entrance to the temple to see her married.

You will wait outside the temple or in a visitor center while she is married.

She will be wearing a green apron on top of her wedding dress. The minimum temple recommend requirements are 10% of your income, active attendance for a year, belief in Joseph Smith as a prophet and abstaining from coffee and tea. Date: Dec 28 Author: Kev There aren't a whole lot of technicalities you can use to stop her.