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The format will be the same, 10 Double Headers and a Double Elimination at the end.I will hopefully have the schedule posted next week.

You’re juggling marriage, kids and a job, but that can’t keep you from your education any longer!Take a look at your options to help you create the best plan to pay for college.…Non-traditional HOPE and Reconnect Grants Use the Tennessee College Pays at website to find information on financial aid in Tennessee.For additional assistance or questions, contact the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) help desk toll free at 1.800.342.1663.…including Adult Promise, Diversity, and Foundation Scholarships Some local employers offer tuition assistance or reimbursement, flextime, and college savings plans.Check with your employer to see if you may be eligible for any educational benefits or support in scheduling work around your classes.

WIOA is specifically for dislocated workers, unemployed, and underemployed individuals.

Contact any TN Career Center to see whether you are eligible for WIOA funding to pay for or assist with tuition, fees, books, supplies, etc.

With determination and a few steps in the right direction, your education is more affordable than you may imagine.

Here is how you can cut the cost of your life-changing degree or certificate from Cleveland State.

Now that you’ve decided to go back to school, you will need to plan on how to pay for it.

In the state of Tennessee, there are many options that can help.