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Japan is famous for its many healing hot springs, and Takaragawa is one of the country's most scenic.

Today, commoners enjoy two waterfalls and 98 degree pools whose waters are as high in sulphur as Nick Lachey's voice in dulcet love balladry.At 14,764ft above sea level, these hot springs are the highest on the planet and offer stunning views of the Nyainqen Tanggula mountain range.The Holy Medical Spring Resort's also boasts three pools (two indoor, one out), each filled with water cooled from its original blistering temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit.Fun fact: a nearby thermoelectric power plant ensures that these springs produce around 30% of the electricity used in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa.In addition to matching changing huts, there're also two cooling waterfalls, a fire pit, and a café.One of Iceland’s most famous/photographed sites, this picturesque geothermal lagoon in the country's black lava fields is rich in mineral salts, sulphur, and a silica-heavy mud; in fact, the 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit water is so good for your skin that the lagoon boasts its own line of skincare products, not to mention an on-site research facility determined to use the water to cure other ailments.

Healing powers aside, the Blue Lagoon also rocks a restaurant and swim-up bar.

Set in the Tuscan countryside, these geothermal springs -- said to have been created by Jupiter (the God, not the planet) -- were used by Roman nobles back in the day.

, on the other hand, are all soothing water, dramatic landscapes, and Joe Namath guaranteeing victory over the Colts while declaring to Suzy Kolber that he wants to make out. Natural hot springs are pretty awesome, and these 10 are the world's most epic.

Below the ruins of Hieropolis (a Roman-era spa), you’ll find this blindingly white/turquoise natural fountain known to locals as the “sacred pool”, or “cotton castle”.

The 17 tiered pools, which overlook the city of Denizil, were created over centuries as deposited layers of calcium carbonate cooled into white limestone.

Located at the bottom of a canyon in the heart of the lush Villarica National Park, this Asian-inspired hot spring consists of 20 pools connected by bright red, suspended wooden walkways.