Benjamin rojas camila bordonaba dating

29-Oct-2015 07:26

She has recorded a few solo songs, including the hit "Por Ti".She also was part of a singing group in "Son de Fierro", but it did not exist as a real band, performing strictly for Television audiences.

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Speaking about Camila, Rojas has said that she was his first love, the first girl he had ever kissed.The press has wrote that they are together, but they have denied it. We found out we're just friends, and that's all", they have said.Bordonaba also said that she was not in a dispute with former Erreway girl , she simply answered "I'm sure there is someone up there". Her international popularity increased thanks to the show, which was a huge hit among Latin-American teens and was a never-before-seen phenomenon in Israel.Bordonaba also participated in the film version of "Tiny Angels". Marizza easily became the most popular role in "Rebelde Way".In 2004, Bordonaba acted in "Rebel's Way"s film sequel, "", where she portrayed a singer, Bordonaba recorded a few songs.After that relationship, Camila became the girlfriend of Chochi, one of the members of the Erreway crew.

He was 10 years older then Camila, so many people did not approve of this relationship.

They met on Erreway Tour 2004, and from then on were together.

In a statement made in 2007, Bordonaba said they broke-up. About her, Colombo has said: "She's like my sister".

The most popular were "Si Me Vas A Olvidar" ("If You're Going to Forget Me"), "Sin Supieras" and "Por Ti" ("For You").

She also recorded some songs with left the band in 2005. Erreway was to have a tour last September in Spain, but it was cancelled by "Yair Dorii".

Erreway said that they want to finish the new album, named "s.