Christian dating tips parents

02-Nov-2015 12:07

Being from the black community ourselves, we wanted to use this section to especially connect with black christian singles within the Christian community.Although this website is meant for Christian singles from all walks of life regardless of race and colour or denomination, we felt a need to give something positive back to the community we were born and raised in, as the popular saying goes “you should never forget where you came from” More and more black Christian single men and women are coming online to find information and advice on Christian dating, especially in the area of using Christian dating services to find that special someone.

Chat rooms for singles aren't as prevalent as they used to be.Now, people tend to use social media and online matchmaking websites where you can meet friends of friends as well as cute, single strangers.However, there are still a few chat rooms left where you…Do your kids get upset when they don’t get the recognition they feel they deserve?Like a trusted friend, Love To Know Dating & Relationships is here to help you navigate through those tricky relationship dilemmas.We're here for you when you're just starting out and need things to say, and we're here for you when things go south and you want to break up.

Whether you are experiencing your first love or your great love, we have expert interviews and the inside scoop that can help you find your way through the dating and relationship maze.

Find tips on sex and intimacy, being a great boyfriend or girlfriend and managing your relationship through all its highs and lows.

Here’s a family devotional guide on the Book of Esther that addresses this very issue (includes resources for younger kids).

Are you tired of dealing with the same behavior problems over and over again?

Do you feel like your discipline is just not sinking in?

If so, it’s time to make a change – a heart change.