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14-Nov-2015 13:18

They will verify your identity and close your profile or at least make it inaccessible to the hacker.If you use the same password for any other accounts on other websites, change them immediately.

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Forms of victimization include (but are not limited to) bullying or peer victimization, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, robbery, and assault.Scammers often use emotional blackmail to get their hands on your password, so don’t fall for it.Last but not the least; the most important thing to remember about passwords is that you must change them regularly for maximum security.Find more detailed information in the Security Guide written for Red Hat Linux.If your account has been hacked into and your details compromised, get in touch with the dating company immediately.Choosing the right password for your online dating profile is very important.

Sometimes a scammer will not try to scam you off money but may instead hack into your online profile and use it to scam other members.

If your dating profile is hacked into, the scammer can not only use your identity on the dating site but may also use your details for identity fraud.

Following is a list of the most commonly used passwords, according to Dark Reading. There is no reason for anyone but you to know the password to your online dating account or email address.

Some of these forms of victimization are commonly associated with certain populations, but they can happen to others as well.

For example, bullying or peer victimization is most commonly studied in children and adolescents but also takes place between adults.

Although anyone may be victimized, particular groups (e.g.