Dating unavailable men

17-Nov-2015 23:33

You create distance between people by relying heavily on impersonal means of communication like “texting”.You press ignore when she calls and you are always “busy,” but the moment she is ready to walk away you give her just enough to keep her there for just a moment longer.

You play games with women to see how “strong” they are, and to see if they will put up with your b.s even when your not willing to put up with theirs.You use humor and sarcasm to cover up your real feelings and even if you miss her you keep it a secret.You will never fall in love because you simply do not allow yourself to do so.You are a wuss and afraid that if you let anyone in that they will do what “she did” or worse.You think being closed off makes you look cool but instead it makes you look weak.No girl has ever made your heart skip a beat, except for Betsy who broke your heart and you go through woman like underwear.

You leave them confused or even worse heartbroken because they thought you were all-in when you were really half-a**ing it the whole time.

You keep dating in hopes that the next woman will break that wall down and sweep you off your feet, but it is impossible.

**** Disclaimer: This letter is not a personal letter to anyone in specific even though it may appear that way.

This letter is for those who have ever experienced dating an emotionally unavailable person (which can be frustrating) or who has even been that emotionally unavailable person. While this post is titled letter to the emotionally unavailable “men” of the world, being emotionally unavailable can apply to both genders. It is not my job to break down that wall you put up after Betsy broke your heart.

I am simply writing from my own point of view as a woman. I like mystery but if you give me nothing, that is all I will give you back.

I do not have time to constantly try to prove myself and ask for forgiveness for a crime I didn’t commit. Right to come along and change your whole viewpoint on women and relationships, because well she doesn’t exist.