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21-Nov-2015 23:45

Vinn Pagtakhan, the namesake of Vinn Advocacy, which would later be known as Love Yourself, started with a vision to provide a home, where, once visited, one can only leave with either a happy heart or at least, a hopeful one.It is a place where judgement is dusted off in the doormat before entering and hope is served for snacks.

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They’re to be called the Love Yourself volunteers, modern-day superheroes (or super heroines for that matter) who work in the shadows.Keeping in mind that Love Yourself is just a vessel to help the community but our loyalty lies with the advocacy.”“Love Yourself was founded by love and genuine care, its walls were built by time, sacrifices and hardwork of our volunteers and volunteer leaders.Now and hopefully for the coming years, we keep the culture of being caring, passionate and kind..“We look forward to wonderful years together - a time to build and strengthen forged relationships even further; a time to create and cherish even more shared memories and a time filled with dreams that are brought ever closer, and milestones - whatever they may be - achieved, and of course a family to cherish.”‘When you volunteer, you are not paid in money or recognition, you are paid in love. As amazing and swesome as you already are,you can be even more so.As Love Yourself turns 5, a simple celebration was held at Ramada Hotel in Binondo, Manila on the eve of July 2, 2016.

Volunteers and friends of Love Yourself gathered and kicked off the night with the Circle of Love, an event commemorating good deeds, happy memories and shared dreams.

Vinn, the progenitor of Love Yourself, welcomed the night with a heartfelt message of what Love Yourself has gone through, where it stands now and what it aims to be.“Of course there have also been some paths that may have been slightly more difficult to travel together.

Yet in spite of and despite the odd stumbling blocks along the way--we have traveled through yet another year--together, supportive, encouraging and enduring.”, the Love Yourself Family is founded by a small group of people with big hearts who are convinced that unconditional love, a solid sense of self-worth, and an unbreakable courage of heart are the tools necessary to address the HIV situation here in the country.

Beautiful young people are the whimsey of nature,but beautiful old people are true works of art.

But you don't become"beautiful"just by virtue of the aging process.

Real beauty comes from learning,growing,and loving in the ways of life. You van learn slowly,and sometimes painfully,by just waiting rou life to happen to you.