Double your dating vs mystery method

24-Nov-2015 20:46

Future Ted describes a date he went on in 2009, and the screen quickly changes to show a side-by-side shot of him preparing in 20.It turns out that Ted is about to go on a blind date with Jen, a woman he went on another blind date with in 2002.

Though Barney claims to have tickets to an origin of Chewbacca exhibit, which Marshall is genuinely excited about, they instead head to the Lusty Leopard strip bar, where Marshall is uncomfortable because he considers fantasies cheating.He explains to Barney that every time he wants to fantasize, he must create an elaborate scenario where Lily must die of a terminal illness.While they discuss this, Jasmine (Alyson Hannigan) — a stripper who looks exactly like Lily — appears on stage, exciting Barney to no end.After going to exactly the same restaurant and exchanging the same dialogue, including a pun about shellfish that Jen describes as "really bad", Ted and Jen realize they are repeating their blind date from seven years ago.They remember that the date was horrible, from Ted's snobbish behavior to Jen's obsession with her cats and her ex-boyfriend.Frightened by the prospect of having to date everyone in New York again, they decide to retrace their steps to find the mistakes of the first date.

Barney and Marshall return to Mac Laren's and tell Robin and Lily about Lily's doppelgänger.

It is also revealed that the gang has seen two other doppelgängers; a butch "Lesbian Robin", and "Mustache Marshall", Hispanic lawyer (or game show host) Señor Justicia.

Lily is excited about the find, but Robin gets mad about Barney going to a strip club.

Barney makes Marshall tell Lily about his death fantasies that he uses to justify thinking about other women.

Learning new things about themselves on the first date, Ted and Jen head to Mac Laren's, where the gang is there to help them retrace the events of the 2002 date.

Jen reveals that she thought Ted was checking out a woman at the bar, when Ted and Barney were really looking at "Mustache Marshall".