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19-Oct-2015 03:18

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What is so special about Musandam is there is nothing so special about it!I would recommend anyone going there on a day trip to take their own food, because the food choices in Musandam are limited and there aren’t any restaurants in the enclave apart from the ones at the three hotels present there. there aren’t any environment laws protecting the place, this means people are expected to use their brain.Start your trip well before the Sun rise at least an hour before (from Dubai), so that you could witness the Sun rise in Musandam, it is simply breath taking and in winter with clear blue skies the scenery is the stuff of your dreams.The clear skies of the winter in gulf makes the sea much bluer than the usual dark seas you see during the summer.There is no object in this little corner of the world that competes for your attention.It’s affect on you is as calming as meditation, yes it is one of the most calm, serene retreats in the Persian gulf, it has nothing to offer you other than the sheer pleasure of experiencing its breath taking natural beauty. It is a trip that you could make repeatedly and guaranteed that you will not be bored and will keep going back for more.

If you are a resident in UAE then the trip to Musandam is much easier for you, it is approximately a one and half hour drive to the Khassab Harbour.

You would spend at least 30 minutes at the border post to stamp your visa. That being said, try not to pack your lunch in disposable plastic nonsense..

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