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21-Oct-2015 16:31

Ion is a tool provider and their main product, Live Ball, is a system to allow marketers within your organization to develop and test landing pages without involving IT.

Some of questions posed were: My own answers seemed to center around one thing: CRO and SEO should never hurt or hinder each other.SEOs focus is typically ranking for targeted queries in search engines.In the big battle of PPC vs SEO, remember that what is learned in PPC about what queries are most searched for and highest converting can be applied to SEO efforts.Just like PPC, the information gleaned from CRO testing should be applied to SEO optimization.This would ensure that the page the user lands on is focused on giving them the right information for conversion.Alright, so search marketing isn't really an "organization" but there is a certain hostility within its ranks. For years there have been articles, studies, and conference panels surrounding the debate of paid search versus organic search. If any one side wins the war in your organization, you are the loser. I personally see this as an offshoot of Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and is sometimes seen as just another way of saying LPO.

That rivalry is rather ancient now considering the new kids on the block: CRO, SMO, and LPO. Most people see LPO/CRO as just for PPC campaigns, but anyone that assumes that is missing some great information they could be using in their SEO efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is simply focusing on the conversion as the core metric when optimizing any particular page.

There is a CRO Chat once a week on Twitter, run by Ion Interactive.

Comparing these any two parts of online marketing and optimization is (forgive me) like comparing apple and oranges.

SEO is a long term, slow moving process based on rules that are constantly changing.

SEO should always be a priority because it is the foundation of your website.