Ios validating text input

11-Nov-2015 09:54

Call Tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.By assigning a unique phone number to different advertisements, you can track which ones have the best call rates and get some data about the callers themselves.

Additionally learn how to build a voice broadcast system as part of this Rapid Response application.Allow users to query an employee directory database via SMS messages.This tutorial shows how to handle fuzzy matching and user input via text message, and how to send customized SMS and MMS replies to users.Use SMS messages to keep customers up to date on the status of your mobile workforce.Create a delightful on-demand experience with notifications triggered by actions in a workflow or geolocation updates.With Twilio's IP Messaging API you can quickly build custom chat applications.

IP Chat enables your business to interact with customers and coordinate teams in real time in the web and native mobile applications you're already building.

IVRs (interactive voice response) are automated phone systems that can facilitate communication between callers and businesses.

SMS notifications are a great way to alert humans quickly when important events happen.

In this example, we'll show you how to send SMS notifications to a list of people when an error happens in a web application.

Twilio Client allows your users to make and receive phone calls in their browsers.

This tutorial will show you the front-end and backend code necessary to make browser-to-phone and browser-to-browser calls with Twilio Client.