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21-Nov-2015 23:40

According to unconfirmed reports, Putin also has one grandson, born in August 2012.

Previously, no top Russian figure, let alone the country’s leader, would have dared to make such a move.The Thursday ballet was the couple’s first joint public appearance in more than a year. Each one lives life of his own,” President Putin said.Asked to confirm the divorce, Lyudmila Putina stood by the president's side and told the media, “Yes, you can say that, this is civilized divorce.” She went on to say they “will always be friends,” and that she is “grateful that he supports me." President Putin elaborated on his decision: "All my activities, all my work is being done in the public sphere, with absolute publicity.Someone would like it, someone would not, but some people are just absolutely incompatible with this,” he said, adding that his wife had been “standing the watch” for nearly nine years."I do not like publicity, and the flights are complicated for me," Lyudmila Putina explained.Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called on reporters to respect the president’s privacy and restrain from speculating on his personal life: “Vladimir Putin’s personal life is his own business, only he can deal with it, and he never put it into the public domain.

This is his principle, he earned that right, and let's treat it with respect.” Peskov said that the divorce paperwork has not yet been arranged, and that the couple’s statement was not pre-planned: “It just came in naturally.

A journalist asked a question, the president answered.” The couple has two adult daughters, Maria, 27, and Ekaterina, 26, both of whom live and work in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have announced their decision to divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage.

The scrutiny a national leader experiences is a hard burden for anyone to bear, Putin explained.

"It was our joint decision, our marriage is over," President Putin said in an interview with state TV channel Russia24.

The announcement was made at the Grand Kremlin Palace after the two attended a ballet performance of ‘Esmeralda.’ The divorce is the first of its kind for modern Russia.