Medeival dating

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The early clothing of the period was distinguished by lots of different layers.

How was the food prepared and preserved and did people in the Middle Ages era eat a balanced diet?This list of Kings ends with William the Conqueror.Life in the Medieval Period was governed by the pyramid-shaped Feudal System.This was based on the belief that the land belonged to God - but that the Kings, who ruled by Divine Right, managed the land and used it as they wished. Clothing and fashion like everything else in the Medieval Period was dictated by the Pyramid of Power which was the Feudal System.Middle Ages clothes provided information about the status of the person wearing them.Middle Ages food served in castles included a vast range of different meat and fish.

The meats included venison, beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, hare, mutton, swans and poultry.

The range of fish included herring, salmon, eel, plaice, cod, trout and pike.

Medieval Kings and Queens Medieval Feudal System Medieval Clothing Medieval Entertainment Medieval Food and Drink Medieval Occupations Medieval Guilds Medieval Women Medieval Names Medieval Musical Instruments For additional comprehensive facts and information about the Middle Ages please click: The Kings and Queens of England from the Middle Ages era fire our imaginations!

Thoughts of the Medieval Code of Chivalry, Middle Ages Romance, Courtly love, Camelot and King Arthur. The list of Kings and Queens cover the first part of the period between 871AD starting with King Alfred the Great and ending with the Norman Invasion of 1066.

This list of English Kings shows the direct descendents of the Wessex King - Alfred the Great.

It then explains the Viking King of England - King Canute.