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Gasless Sundays were inaugurated when all unnecessary driving was prohibited. Alice Grim, Newtown s venerable teacher, had a certificate from President Franklin Roosevelt for her work on the War Registration Board. Vram Nedurian) was on the speaker’s bureau of the Red Cross in both World Wars and spoke for the Near East relief during the first World War. David Ash Vernon, a Media physician who owned and operated a dairy farm and was well known for his fine racing stable. Vernon also edited and published a newspaper, “The Media Advertiser,” which was later known as the “Delaware County American.”Penrose Vernon received his early education at the Blue Hill School on Providence Road, so-called because of the peculiarly blue color of the stoney land.

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From a faculty chair at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. The five succeeding years were full of anxiety, exertion and tragedy, ending in victory. According to an account in the July 1, 1970 County Leader, Melvin was killed in action in Italy on April 9, 1945. It was on April 2,1944 that Harry Mackay died at age 18 during the Anzio Beach Campaign. Elizabeth Smith of Larchmont, is the mother of the wife of Tricen Chairman and Newtown Police Chief, Stan Short. She left 3 sons, 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.Newtown Square, now far more populous than during the first World War, contributed 201 young men to the armed forces. As a result of this committee s work, a bronze tablet with the names of 201 Newtown men who served in the Armed Forces in World War II is fittingly displayed at the entrance of the Alice Grim School. It is inadequate but obligatory to name them here and recall once more their final heroic sacrifice:: Valedictorian of his Marple-Newtown High School class in 1937, Melvin had lived with his family on Bishop’s Hollow Road, Newtown Square, before entering the service as a member of the U. He is buried in the American Cemetery outside of Florence, Italy.: Born in November 1925, the 3rd of 5 sons of Mr. James Brooks Mackay, Harry and his family had settled in Newtown Township in 1932. He was awarded the Purple Heart post- humously on May 22, 1944. Clifford joined the Army in February 1942 and saw action in the North African and Sicilian campaigns, in Italy and in France, as a member of the First Infantry Division. In 1958, a Newtown mailman was said to have completed every round except one during his 15 years as a carrier.Registration for the draft was held in the Marple-Newtown High School with Dr. All males from 18 to 38 years of age had to register and become subject to enlistment in the armed forces. At the end of World War II, Harry Mackay was honored by being interred at Arlington National Cemetery. Penrose Dunwoody Vernon, life-long Delaware Countian and former Newtowner, was 78 at his death on July 9,1958.Gasoline was rationed and foods, notably flour and sugar, for which tickets and coupons were issued. His younger brother, Vincent Mackay, is presently supervisor at the Newtown Square Post Office.. He was born on Ridley Creek Farm, Sycamore Mills, in 1880, the son of Dr.She arrived, apparently, in the 1930s, a refugee from the Russian Communist regime, and settled on a farm or part of one in Newtown with plans to create a haven here for other escaped countrymen and women. While construction was in progress, the township’s temporary offices were in the Hurley office building in St. No sooner was it opened than it was closed—ordered padlocked by James P. O’Donnell said a section of the building was in a dangerous condition due to the concrete floor subsiding, causing inside partitions to separate from floor to ceiling.The late Charles Hanley, long-time storekeeper and postmaster, recalled her daily visits to the post office, then a small establishment between the hotel and hardware store on the north side of West Chester Pike, west of Route 252. Hanley spoke of her serious, dedicated work for her hapless countrymen. O’Donnell, supervising inspector of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, on March 18,1958. In 1957, Sara Sharpless (Scott) Broadbelt retired as Newtown’s post-mistress. Broadbelt, lived in Broomall and died November 19, 1979 at age 88.

It was while the Countess was still in Newtown Square that larger quarters in Upper New York State were offered to her to further her work and, regretfully, she left the Township in 1940 or “41. He was appointed ambassador successively to Morroco, Sweden and Belgium, in which capacities his knowledge of foreign diplomacy, languages and culture was of distinguished service. He was a graduate of Marple-Newtown High School, class of 1932, and was the husband of Katherine Brown Yerger. Yerger died August 12, 1945 while serving with the 12th Air Force in Naples, Italy. She had served since 1938 and is the only woman ever to have held that position in Newtown. She had served as postmaster of Chester Heights Post Office for 2 years before coming to Newtown.

Another personality of international note who had his home among us was Ambassador Robert Straus-Hupe. America was drawn into World War II by the disastrous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. She also was a former teacher at Newtown Township elementary school.

Dating from 1650, The Gro is a mile north of the centre of Newtown, Montgomeryshire.

Approached by a 100 metre driveway and set in over an acre of grounds, it is surrounded by countryside. Cefn Pawl is a spacious converted cottage situated high up on the hillside in its own natural setting.

Surrounded by trees it commands panoramic views over protected crown commission land grazed by sheep and horses.

Among the unusual personalities who have lived and worked in Newtown Square, Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, youngest daughter of world-famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy, must be mentioned. It was decided to build a new township hall on a 10-acre site on Bishop’s Hollow Road, which was given to the township by the Sun Oil Company in 1951.