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21-Nov-2015 10:23

Why he does that is one of the few questions I'd like him to answer.

For sometime now I've been conscious that due to the growing number of Heinrich Mueller remixes out there that they deserve a full article in their own right.Maybe in so doing I can help put them in some context and order and hopefully bring a few to your attention that had passed you by.I won't go too deep into them, in most cases they are what they are anyway.A few hidden classics exist within them needless to say.If I've missed anything, made any mistakes or if you can locate any audio links I missed, please let me know.- For sure there is an album in the making here, maybe not all of the tracks would make the cut, but I think it's a shame that some of them can only now be heard on the internet or not at all if you don't already have it.

But this is from a fans perspective, from the artists perspective he might not think that releasing a rag bag of old remixes of wildly differing styles would serve him very well at all.

The other more obvious thing about a compilation of remixes is that Mueller may not get much financial reward from such a release.

He has already been paid for his work, the tracks now belong to whatever label commissioned them.

I presume there would be some income for him for the use of his name and goodwill towards the project but unless he was supplying additional material which he owned the copyright to it might not be worth his while.

- The real shame and irony of this is that these aren’t strictly speaking remixes at all, they are almost 100% original compositions.

Which makes them doubly of value and interest to the fan.