Norman reedus dating melissa mcbride

22-Oct-2015 08:42

The actor is riding to the set of – the hit TV show in which he stars as crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon – from Senoia, Georgia, his home-from-home during filming.

His myriad other projects, including a nascent art career, have taken a backseat to the regular paycheck and filming schedule that come with being the best-loved character in a global hit show.Norman Reedus has taken an unconventional path to acting success, steered by a relentless curiosity.Now, even though he’s made it, the Walking Dead star remains an outsider who not even Hollywood can tame.We head to America’s Deep South to meet a man unfazed by fame, but unsure about alligators Norman Reedus screams through the back roads of Georgia atop a motorcycle.It’s summer, but he’s dressed all in black, looking like a man willing and eager to take on the zombie apocalypse.But the pace of life is still hectic, with every gap in TWD filming filled.

Reedus stars alongside Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson in crime movie Fame has come late to Reedus, which is a good thing.

It has made him a rarity in the acting world – successful and famous, yet still very much the Hollywood outsider with his feet on the ground.

“I’ve never been spoilt,” he says in a hotel on the edge of New Orleans’ French Quarter, looking more skate rat than screen star in the ubiquitous trucker hat and black clothes.

“It wasn’t in my game plan to ever think like that, and it still isn’t.

I still put potato chips and bread in the refrigerator because I’m used to my apartment having bugs.“This is the first job where I’m making money and I know I’m going back. It’s nice to have a nine-to-five instead of trying to find a job to pay the rent this month and doing an art show to cover the next. but I made it.” This is a guy who’ll stop every few steps for selfies in the Loews Hotel or on the streets of New Orleans.

A guy who’ll hop on his bike for a spontaneous solo road trip, or spend an evening shooting a compound bow [the modern, levered type] in his backyard.