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22-Nov-2015 09:08

Superb day, highlighted by a thoroughly entertaining knock from Flintoff, and a wonderful over from Swann to Ponting at the close. Watson 34* Hussey 18* Maiden over from Swann, and a good one too. Watson 34* Hussey 18* Anderson's first ball arrows into Watson's pads. He wisely gets off strike next ball with a little dab to leg Hussey picks up a single into the leg side, then Anderson finds some decent swing into Watson. If the ball swings early tomorrow - like it did on Friday - then either Clarke or Hussey will need to play a pretty decent innings to keep out England. Hussey and Watson just ticking off the minutes now, desperate to be there in the morning.

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Either way, we'll be back here from 10ish tomorrow. Watson 34* Hussey 18* Anderson puts a man out on the hook then tests Watson with a short one, but he's not biting. Watson 32* Hussey 17* Onions gets another go at Hussey, but the southpaw plays this one better, getting right behind the ball and defending on the front foot. A shocking over, in fairness, and England will want to get that ball dry. Hussey drives Onions down the ground but Anderson cuts off the boundary. It floats up in the air but Onions - diving forward - is just short of taking the return catch. Huss then gets off a pair with a great drive down the ground. The ball's still wet, and Swann lets go of a big looping full bunger that Hussey smacks for four more. Watson 31* Hussey 4* Cracking stuff from Watson, punching Onions for four through cover off the backfoot, then leaning right down on that left knee to drive him for four more. Good job he can bat too, because his bowling was filthy today. Watson 22* Hussey 4* Big turn for Swann outside Hussey's off stump. Perfect seam and just top class bowling from a guy on the top of his game. Watson strikes him away for four through midwicket. Onions bang on the money and there's a big inside edge onto the pad. Swann goes tearing towards the Hollies stand, followed by some seriously chuffed team-mates. Poor ball got the treatment, then he's carted through the leg-side into a big puddle for four more. Hussey's beaten twice, once by half-an-inch from an absolute beauty. Watson 21* Hussey 4* Swann back on, and bowling like this he is every inch the potential match-winner today. Watson 17* Hussey 4* Hussey is three inches from a king pair! The final ball is a jaffer, spinning through the gate and beating a big lunge forward to take middle stump. Final thought: England could go 2-0 up in the Ashes tomorrow. That's better next up, though, as Watson is beaten outside off.

England will be desperate for one more before the close. Anderson's line is good but there's no real movement away from Hussey, who'll more than happy to leave every ball until the end of the day.

Watson 33* Hussey 17* Good stuff from Swann, giving both Watson and Hussey plenty to think about. Watson 32* Hussey 17* Good stop from Bopara keeps Hussey on strike. We've had 23 overs in this session now, so it may just start to swing.

Watson 32* Hussey 17* Watson blocks back a maiden from Swann, looks like Anderson's gonna get a final burst from the Pavilion End.

Hussey's struggled to pinpoint the exact location of said off stump this tour, so it's a sage plan from Onions, who is improving by the day. First up Swann draws Ponting forward with a nicely flighted ball which dips and turns and hits the pad. He's beaten again - going back this time - but Rudi's shaking his head as the fielders go up.

Watson 21* Hussey 4* Brilliant line from Onions, really testing Hussey on off stump. It's an absolutely brilliant over - different of course, but reminiscent of Flintoff's to the same player four years ago.

What a time to strike, and what a player to send trudging back to the pavilion. Booed to the crease again - bit daft that - and he's away with a couple past point. Onions then shapes one back in to Watson, and it might just be swinging now.