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This label area is receiving text message where send back from Arduino, we leave the “text” field empty first.When the servo triggered, Arduino send back a word “Moved” in the label area.OSC Name: /1/toggle1_msg The OSC name is corresponding to “set Z_OSCMessage” in Arduino code.Once you have done your modification, push it to the App. If your andrino didn’t respond the ping, or you do hear the servo is being noisy, shaking..etc, it is probably causing by power issue.Try to feed Arduino with extra power current either plus on-board power source or USB power. You need Touch OSC application on i OS/Android, and the Touch OSC editor for customization and managing/upload your OSC layout.

Download Touch OSC Editor here – And the Touch OSC – From App Store or Play Store Let start with this OSC layout sample Download Arduino OSC Tutorial OSC Layout This sample template, included two static text label, one toggle button for triggering the servo movement, and one blank label area that receive arduino text message.

It cosist two important parameters used to communicate with arduino and servo. OSC Name: /1/toggle1 /1/toggle1 is corresponding to get Z_OSCAddress line in Arduino code. Value Range: 0 To 62 This value specify two exact degree angle of the servo while the toggle switch trigged, please adjust it as you like.

This tutorial provide step by step that help you to setup a OSC ready Arduino which allows you to send instruction to your Arduino wirelessly from your i OS/Android device by using Touch OSC. Low power consumption servo unit, recommend a mini or micro sized servo. // Credits to Jerome Dupraz & Retocama // Colorsound 011 // you can download arduino z-osc library from here // you can download arduino code and vvvv patch from here: /* This is a sample code for controlling servo via Touch OSC */ #include #include #include #include byte my Mac[] = { 0x DE, 0x AD, 0x BE, 0x EF, 0x FE, 0x ED }; byte my Ip[] = { 192, 168, 0, 178 }; // Specify your arduino IP here int server Port = 8000; // and listening port as well byte dest Ip[] = { 192, 168, 0, 12 }; // Your i Pad/Android IP here int dest Port = 9000; float val;// delcare a variable for reading values // create servo object to control a servo, remember to attach them in setup() Servo myservo1; Z_OSCClient client; Z_OSCServer server; Z_OSCMessage *rcv Mes; Z_OSCMessage message; void setup(){ myservo1.attach(13); // attaches the servo on pin 13 to the servo object Serial.begin(19200); Ethernet.begin(my Mac ,my Ip); Open(server Port); } void loop(){ if(server.available()){ Address(dest Ip,dest Port); rcv Mes=Message(); // myservo1 if( !

Suppose you have basic knowledge on computer networking, and Arduino, and we are going to cover the following topics. Hardware Setup You need the following component to construct your setup 1. strcmp( rcv Mes- Once you finish your modification, upload it to Arduino, make sure you set the correct board model and serial port nubmer. Once the code upload succeed, then try to ping the Arduino IP address eg:

For example: on i OS Then search “my Ip” line // Receive from i OSC apply to arduino pins via OSC .

Let’s start to hook them shown as below Download and Install Arduino IDE – Download Z-OSC library – Extract Z_OSC library folder into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ Modify IP Addresses You may change the IP Address for the Arduino and your i OS/Android to fit your setup.