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26-Oct-2015 06:27

Independent webcam models enjoy the freedom (and lucrative payouts) that indy modeling provides, however along with these perks comes responsibility in keeping you privacy secure.

This is because geo-tags allow the recipient of the image to pinpoint your exact location via the geo-tag settings, which is not ideal for independent webcam models who wish to protect information regarding their whereabouts.Below Live Cam Model offers a guide to disabling geo-tags on the most popular smartphone devices.To disable geo-tags on iphone devices go to SETTINGSGPS .Then press the Menu key and tick Disable GPS and choose YES to save the new setting.These settings will ensure that no recipient of your images will be able to pinpoint your exact location via the information transmitted with your digital photos.Another issue for independent webcam models who wish to protect their location is the IP-detection technology inherent to skype.

If you reside in a large metropolitan area this is not much of a concern, however if you reside in a small town or must keep your location a secret use a program like Hot Spot Shield to protect your native IP while providing skype cam shows.

In order for this or any other VPN (virtual private network, essentially a proxy IP to use in place of your own IP) always make sure that your VPN is active before signing into skype.

As independent webcam models the most common breach of your security and privacy involves accepting files from individuals on skype and yahoo messenger.

While most potential client contacts have no ill intentions, it is common for those who do wish ill will to send files that contain malware or keylogging scripts that can damage your computer and compromise the security of your internet files and passwords.

For this reason Live Cam Model suggests that independent webcam models never accept files from individuals who are not known and trusted regular clients.

If a potential client unknown to you wishes to send an image or video file suggest that he upload it to a service such as imgur or dailymotion so that you can access the file without having to download it on to your own personal computer.