Tony parker dating a desperate housewife

03-Nov-2015 04:43

How a band that more or less helped shape post-hardcore into what it is today lost a main stage spot to a band like Sleeping With Sirens?Après sept ans de bonheur avec Eva Longoria, le plus populaire des joueurs de basket est tombé amoureux d’une petite française. Mais pour Axelle, la ressemblance s’arrête à son physique.

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Eva Longoria seems to be forgetting about soon-to-be ex-husband Tony Parker pretty quickly.Longoria has been spotted out and about with Penelope Cruz's little brother, Eduardo Cruz.The pair spent Christmas Even together at Longoria's home, and sources say Eduardo is "there at least three nights out of every four." Longoria, who just split from Tony Parker two months ago, has been spending a lot of time together but her rep insists that they are "just friends." Parker and Longoria have remained friends during their divorce, they were spotted in LA just last month having lunch together.Just came back to say that I’m pretty sure I’m giving up on this site for good Suffice to say, if you’ve ever read any of the rants I’ve written about why I really just can’t stand it half the time, that’s a basic summary of why I’m leaving, plus a few other reasons that I’m really just too lazy to get into right now.Basically, this place started out great, but ended up doing more harm than good…I left for a few days and I think I’ve been doing better without it, so I figured it’d be best if I do so permanently.

I might drop by to post a thing or two, see how people on here are doing, etc., but for the most part I’ll be gone…

Between just pissing me off half the time, too much depressing/triggering-ish shit (since most of it wasn’t a huge trigger, but didn’t help either) and just being way too addictive and eating up so much more of my time than it should, I just need to stay away, rather than spending hours scrolling through a bunch of pictures I can’t stand/trigger me just to find one or two that I actually do like.

So yeah, it was great while it lasted, but as far as I can see, that’s over for now.

Quick update from my phone: Im ditching this place for a day or two…

Idk this site bothers me a lot of the time so I just really needed to take a break Ill be back later this week probably cipater: Oh I wasn’t arguing that Sleeping With Sirens shouldn’t be on main stage at all, considering they do have quite a large fanbase, but just that they’d get it over a band as influential as Silverstein is what confused me Can anyone explain how bands get main stage spots on Warped?

It just doesn’t make any sense that bands that have been around for a year or two and have little more than 1 album out (as much as I happen to love Crown the Empire and Like Moths to Flame, the 2 I was referring to there), and yet a band that’s had such a huge and strong following such as Silverstein…