Updating phone firmware

18-Nov-2015 22:30

Now they released a new firmware for Nokia n73 which am using.

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If your Nokia phone has received a software update and you would like to update it, you can follow the following guide and steps to do so. You can update the firmware using Nokia phone update or from Nokia service center (NSC is the best).If you are updating it yourself there is a chance for problems.You can update yourself using Nokia Software updater which can be downloaded from nokia website.How to check your firmware version - type *#0000# and press call button, this will display your firmware version How to know latest version is available or not - go to and there is step by step instruction to check the latest firmware.This is for newbies who have just moved to Ovi Suite and find it complicated. Create a backup of your current state of the phone which you would be able to restore later.

Folow the steps below to update your Nokia phone’s firmware to the latest one available. Start Ovi Suite (if not already on) and go to Tools Software Updates. Now wait till Ovi Suite checks for updates for the application and your phone.

Here in this tutorial I’ll be using my Nokia E71 to update to the latest firmware v400. Once done, click on the Install button under “Update available”. Check the firmware version and make sure you have created a backup of your phone.

NOTE: Make sure you have created a backup of your device using Ovi Suite or directly on the phone.

Once it completes, click on Install to download and install the firmware. Now restart the phone to finish the update process.

A while ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with a a dutch site called Bel Simpel.

This phone came with an contract from a dutch carrier called "Simpel", which is using the T-Mobile network.